24 de novembro de 2008

Scene One

"An urban street frozen mid moment, like some dark classical painting
Two young girls mouths gaping in horror, craning their necks to see
A woman averting her eyes
Her boyfriend jacket removed trying to cover the body of a man stabbed on a pavement
A market trader is desperately trying to make a call on his cellphone
A street cleaner looks up from heaving a refuse sack out of a dustbin.
The blur of human traffic frozen mid step all around
Kojo, a young boy suddenly illuminated..."

Fugee by Abi Morgan, National Theatre New Connections

2 comentários:

Buh! disse...

oh ines q fofura!!! *.* essa tua foto em pequenina aaiiiiii amo amo amo! os olhos sao iguais e o sorriso e a forma da cara :D

Chioo! disse...

Inês estás igualzinha! :) Eras lindas, és linda!!